Workshops BAM Congress Thursday November 3rd.

At the BAM Congress, various themes are discussed through the workshops: On Thursday November 4th you will receive concrete tools, such as how to implement BAM in your company, how to develop a life-giving culture or understanding the voice of God. You can also learn what BAM can look like by learning from and discussing with BAM-practitioners in Western contexts and globally. The various subjects appeal to business owners, starters and people from the non-profit sector who feel inspired by BAM.




14:00 – 15:15


  1. Developing a life-giving culture in your business or organization. By Thomas Mathews. (English)
  2. Tempeh: proteïne rich food and mission in India; how develop (more) BAM in your company? By Henk Schouten.
  3. Hearing God’s voice for your business and customers. By  Sander Wuister en Jan-Willem Visser.
  4. BAM Model Canvas for existing and starting businesses. By BAM-Romania: Adrian Buhai, Corneliu Niste en Daan de Groot. (English)
  5. Social entrepreneurship in your neighbourhood. By Harmen van der Laan.


1. Developing a life-giving culture in your business or organisation (English)

How do you develop a culture which encourages every person to fulfil their potential and live out the best of who they are? Based on a biblical understanding of how God works to bring transformation in human beings, Thomas Mathews will lead an experiential session in which we will explore some of the elements of a life-giving culture and how we might help to develop such a culture in our own business or organization.

  Thomas Mathews (pseudonym) is a mentor and coach of BAM-companies worldwide. He is also co-founder of a social enterprise which helps both individuals and organisations live out their full potential.


2.  Tempeh: proteïne rich food and mission in India

India is a vegetarian country, where poverty reigns and where plant-based protein can enrich the diet. Here, product and mission can seamlessly integrate – in a way that fits that context – through nutritious food, job creation and sharing God’s love. The first steps have been taken, the start has been made and a factory in Bangalore is running, but there is more potential. How can this grow in a healthy and sustainable way? In this workshop Henk likes to challenge you how you could integrate (more) BAM in your company, and involve you in an exchange about various aspects involved: how this can be supported spiritually, the cooperation with local churches, cultural differences, and finding the right people.

  Henk Schouten saw the need for meat substitutes thirty years ago, and they now export to 50 countries from the family business Schouten Europe in Giessen. Henk has been personally involved in India for several years, where they integrate Tempeh, a protein rich product with holistic mission.  


3.  Hearing God’s voice for your business and customers

As an entrepreneur, you can feel the sole responsibility for making decisions. God wants to encourage. He speaks to you as an entrepreneur and as the owner of a company. What He says is upbuilding, comforting, and encouraging. (1 Cor.14:3). In recent years, Sander and Jan-Willem have heard God speak to many companies. In this interactive workshop they lay a biblical basis for prophecy and how it can be put into practice for you as an entrepreneur. There will be room for prophetic ministry and/or making an appointment at a later date due to time constraints.

      Sander Wuister worked for years as a researcher at ASML, he also wrote the book ‘Words of Life’ (‘Woorden van Leven’)and teaches prophecy courses. Together with, among others, entrepreneur Jan-Willem Visser (owner of SowMedia), he regularly prays and prophesies for companies and executives.


4.  BAM Model Canvas for existing and starting businesses

How do you integrate mission in your business? How do you explain or pitch it to others? Together with the team from BAM Romania you will work on your business case. After a short introduction on BAM in Romania and the development of the BAM Connect application we will dive into the BAM Model Canvas. Bring your business or business idea and together we start working on some building blocks and discuss how we can integrate BAM. During our time together we show the unique features of the online BAM Connect application and how this tool can serve entrepreneurs in the global BAM community. Whether you are a coach, investor, entrepreneur or dreaming of starting a business. You will be inspired by the simple and effective approach.

    Adrian Buhai, Corneliu Niste and Daan de Groot are the initiators of BAM Roemenië and BAM Connect. Daan de Groot went as a missionary/reliefworker from the Netherlands with his family to Romania, and became social entrepreneur. 


5.  Social entrepreneurship in your neighbourhood


Harmen van der Laan started social enterprises in the multicultural neighborhood where he lives: PrintPlezier, lunchroom KopieKoffie and FierFietskoerier




15:30 – 16:45


  1. Receiving help from the Lord: receiving technical solutions to become excellent in business. By Bill Job. (English)
  2. IT-company brings hope in Afrika through employment, training and discipleship. By Diana van der Stelt.
  3. Itzinya Netherlands: helping migrants to start a business. By Gertjan van Laar.
  4. Principles for Business as Mission – Lessons from History. By Jo Plummer.  
  5. Rediscovering the role of business and collaboration with non-profit organisations. By Margreet Noordhof.


1.  Receiving help from the Lord: receiving technical solutions to become excellent in business

God wants to speak specifically (“My sheep hear my voice and follow me” John 10:27-29) and desires to give more help than we often expect, is the experience of Bill Job. In the years he was leading companies in China, Bill shares that they received over 50 designs from the Lord, some of these with excellent results. Like equipment that enabled them to outproduced companies with 4x more employees. Are we open to receive such help? How could we develop a more receiving attitude?

  Bill Job went in the late 1980s from the US to China with his family to follow God and started a business out of necessity. Within the context of eight companies and hundreds of employees he learned to walk with God in their business context. 


2.  IT-company brings hope in Afrika through employment, training and discipleship

Trinity Software Center is a Fair Trade software company with the mission to create quality software for the African and European market while creating career opportunities for young Africans in IT. It started informally on campus by three friends and students in computer science in Kumasi, Ghana and was formalized and professionalized in 2017, when Diana from the Netherland came on board as a sales director and member of the MT. In this workshop the story of the company will be told, with the ups and downs and how, as a company led by Christians, they see how they often work for companies and NGO’s with a similar DNA. Based on their story, the participants are invited to engage in discussions about the paradox between doing business and working in the Kingdom of God inside the same organisation.

  Diana van der Stelt made a career switch in 2015: she held a top position at the national government and became a driving force behind Trinity Software Center.


3.  Itzinya Netherlands: helping migrants to start a business

Transform society through business! The Itzinya Startup Academy is a training program that is used in about 10 countries for migrant entrepreneurs, to combat youth unemployment and for people who are victims of human trafficking. In this workshop Gertjan van Laar shares the core of this training program, which is based on modern models to drive innovation and entrepreneurship: Lean Startup and the Business Model Canvas. In the Netherlands, Itzinya is active in Amersfoort, Rotterdam and Amsterdam and soon will begin in Arnhem. In this session you will discover how you can use the Itzinya franchise concept to create value for entrepreneurial newcomers who want to make a fresh start in the place where you are or are being called.

  Gertjan van Laar is an entrepreneur and business coach with a background in IT. He was involved in the start of Itzinya Nederland, a Startup Incubator and Accelerator program for migrants with entrepreneurial blood. Gertjan has started several companies himself, also in intercultural contexts.


4.  Principes for Business as Mission – Lessons from History

Throughout the history of the church, there have been instances of business and mission combining together. Looking at five or six historical examples of missional and social enterprise, we will explore what principles we can learn that could apply to our BAM practice today. Discover some encouragements and some cautionary tales, from first Century traders all the way to 19th Century industry disruptors.

  Jo Plummer has been involved in the international BAM movement since the 1990s; she developed a mission strategy and resources, is the co-chair of the BAM Global network and editor of the Business as Mission-website and the BAM Review-blog.


5. Rediscovering the role of business and collaboration with non-profit organisations 

The value of co-creation between business and the non-profit organization; in which both sides see each other as key figures in tackling complex global social and environmental challenges. That is the new economic strategy, namely bringing parties together with the aim of creating added value. This also supports the business process. Based on the ideas of Economics of Mutuality and her many years of involvement with Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods, Margreet Noordhof gives practical examples of how we can redefine the meaning of business in an integrated way. The starting point is the strength of our place, our position and our product.

  Margreet Noordhof is founder of Nova Business Society Management. Based on the philosophy of Economics of Mutuality, she looks for innovative ways to shape the God-given responsibility of business for society and the planet. 


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