BAM Congress: workshops Thursday afternoon Nov 18th




BAM Congress Thursday November 18th in Dordrecht

1st ROUND   

13:30 – 14:45



  • BAM in the context of church planting: ‘BLEND; church planting in operation’

The gospel is good news for soul, spirit and body. But how to share just that  with the people in your area? Hans and Carolien take a holistic approach. They started the company BLEND in the Bloemhof neighborhood in Rotterdam. Through business, care and meaning they build a blended community with local residents. What can you learn from their unique concept for your  line of work and living? Would you like to discover how church planting can take place through your company? In this workshop you will discover the answers.

  Hans en Carolien Euser live in Rotterdam , they both had an identical dream that same night, which is now being worked out. They lead the network of intercultural church planting ICP Nederland. More | |


  • You have a dream: but how do you make a feasible business plan?

At high speed Johannes takes you through the steps that are important when exploring whether your idea is feasible. We are going to look at yourself and your dream; what are your motivations for doing business, what problems do you solve and who has an interest in this? And what’s the wildest idea you can experiment with tomorrow? And you will – very important – ‘calculate on beer mats’. What does your dream look like in numbers? What is the revenue model? And what else do you need: business partner, money, guts, big stick? During the workshop you will take the next step. Promised.

 Johannes van den Akker has experience as initiator of Kleiburg, a monastery brewery in Amsterdam’s Bijlmer, and advises people and organizations in starting social enterprises. |


  • Itzinya Netherlands: Helping Migrants Start a Business

Itzinya: transform society through business! The Itzinya StartUp Academy is an international training program for migrant entrepreneurs and people who are victims of human trafficking. In this workshop Gertjan van Laar shares the core of this training program, which is based on modern models to drive innovation and entrepreneurship: Lean Startup and the Business Model Canvas. In the Netherlands, Itzinya is active in Amersfoort and soon in Groningen also. In this session you will discover how you can use the Itzinya franchise concept to create value for enterprising people who want to make a new start in the place where you are or are being called.

 Gertjan van Laar is an entrepreneur and business coach with a background in IT. He was involved in the start of Itzinya in the Netherlands, a Startup Incubator and Accelerator program for migrants with entrepreneurial blood. Gertjan has started several companies himself, also in intercultural contexts.


  • The added value in cooperation: entrepreneurs and NGOs

Many charities have an entrepreneurial network that supports them financially. But what if entrepreneurs also use their entrepreneurial talent and the core competence of their company to increase the positive impact of the NGO? And vice versa: the NGO inspires the company with its mission, and the company’s employees commit themselves to that mission? In this workshop, (particularly interesting for relationship managers of NGOs), Balt Leenman discusses this in more detail, based on a case study Together Entrepreneurship with Tearfund (SOMT). We are going to make a Value Proposition to discover the joint added value.

 Balt Leenman is an ICT entrepreneur and wants to make the world a little better based on his core competence. He advises NGOs on the application of new technologies (Salesforce) and also on cooperation with entrepreneurs.


Thursday 2nd ROUND

15:15 – 16:30


  • BAM in the context of church planting: Kahaila’s experiences in London (in English)

Paul started a lunchroom in 2015 and has since started various social enterprises. What can we learn from his years of experience? What tips can he give us? An interactive session, where you can ask your questions!

  Paul Unsworth (United Kingdom) is the initiator of Kahaila. Working from catering establishments in multicultural London, this Baptist minister, together with his team, organizes activities for the neighborhood  and they operate as a ‘new expression church’


  • How do you build a ‘Kingdom culture’ with your team? The Spiritual Experiences of Sixty Fruits

The Sixty Fruits team worked together on the book ‘5 practical habits for a missionary life’. Sixty Fruits is a Christian social enterprise, where people with a distance to the labor market make vintage furniture. From the beginning, founder Bob Houter’s great desire was to give a practical dimension to being a disciple of Jesus in the workplace. The Sixty Fruits credo is therefore ‘Love works!’ But in practice it soon became apparent that business/organization goals got the upper hand too easily. The business and social targets were met, but Bob didn’t want to go on like this. A search followed and the course of Sixty Fruits changed: the spiritual side was given priority, then quality in everything, and only then would any growth become relevant. In this session Bob shares experiences from an unruly practice, and will challenge you to get serious with spiritual goals

 Bob Houter made a career switch; based on his experiences in business, he started a social enterprise with a mission.


  • The approach of apprenticeship company ‘Werkvisie De Hoop’

Werkvisie De Hoop is an apprenticeship company for people with a distance to the labor market. They offer a suitable workplace to 500 people in the Drechtsteden region. The team is committed to this mission every day with great dedication. What are the challenges and learning points

 Han van den Boogaard is director of apprenticeship company Werkvisie De Hoop.


  • From ‘aid to trade’: challenges and opportunities. By Hans Walhout

A development of ‘aid to trade’ is happening when it comes to aid to developing countries. What are the challenges, pitfalls and risks? But above all: what are the possibilities? During this session you will become aware of the opportunities in Africa, the ‘double’ profit that it can bring and which environmental factors to take into account if you want to set up a BAM company there. Hans Walhout will discuss this with the participants based on his vision and experience in Ethiopia.

 Hans Walhout has many years of management experience at a BAM company in Ethiopia. Back in the Netherlands, he guides entrepreneurs from Quadraat Global in setting up business initiatives in developing countries.


  • Roundtable conversation; think with us about the development of BAM Netherlands.  

Business as Mission is a movement and aims to offer a platform to initiatives who aim to integrate business and mission, with the aim to build Gods Kingdom – to share love, hope and justice. In this session we’ll focus on where and how you see the integration of business and mission. And if we can be of help as BAM Netherlands.

 Erwin Wietses is board member of BAM Netherlands and is involved with several BAM-related initiatives.  

  Gea Gort is specialised in BAM and is the ‘engine’ behind the movement. 


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